Hoysala temple at Doddagaddavalli

Ever since I found the exquisite Hoysala temple at Doddagaddavalli in 2015, I have went back to this place multiple times over the years. The most recent visit was a family outing last year.

My mother, her sisters and their families were all in attendance. And, not so surprisingly, no one had even heard of this temple. It took some convincing to get them off the beaten temple track of Belur and Halebid, but it was worth it. In the end, I guess I kind of earned the merit that I won’t have to convince them of such place ever again – they will blindly follow me 🙂

We visited on a late evening and the temple priest was ever so kind to show the ladies around and narrate stories about the temple. I roamed around the temple with my new camera (at that time) and landed what has become one of my most beloved image in recent times.

Corridors of the Hoysala temple at Doddagaddavalli.

For no good reason, I had held on to this image without posting it anywhere. The pandemic hit us and among other things on my personal front, I seem to have retreated into a virtual shell. I have been posting old images on and off on social media. But, I had held on to this one image. I think its only fair that I post this first on my website than on social media.

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  1. Lovely picture surely..I would love to see some more images..such a wonderful place.

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