Welcome to my new website. After having blogged for years before almost giving up the habit of writing, and meanwhile having developed photography as a serious hobby, I decided to ignite the habit of writing, posting pictures in my own website. For the domain-name, I tried to keep it simple. “Mithra” means friend but it also happens to be my (alternate) name in my family circles – hence this choice of the domain-name.Having no experience with web technologies and not much time to invest on learning from scratch, AND also having a certain idea of how the site should look at feel, I settled on a custom wordpress theme. From all the themes I searched and evaluated, this one seemed to be the only one which gave the image a good amount of real-estate on the home screen. Also, the navigation and options to customize seemed pretty good and straight-forward to configure and setup. For hosting, I have started off with a basic hosting plan from speedhost.in. It came recommended from a fellow photographer colleague at office.

I have populated/am populating this site with a few of my earlier images as a kick-start for the showcase section. I hope to blog about my photography/travel experiences every now and then, and keep posting fresh images often. Please bookmark the site and I hope you enjoy the images and content that gets posted here. For any suggestions/brickbats, please contact me via email or via the contact page.


  1. Refreshing pictures. keep it up

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