Happy new year 2018

A very happy new year to everyone! May 2018 help you realize your goals, give you good health, many a joyous moments. I’ve been busy last couple of weeks – been on a memorable trip to Kutch in Gujarat (more on this in another post), explored a few little-known places nearby, and more than anything else, spent valuable time with family and friends.

I’ll take this post as an opportunity to share a few images from a lake I visited one evening. It did not have a name. Trust me not? Google maps does not have a name for it. I asked the locals around the lake – they did not give a name to it – “Its just a small lake” they said. I found it through some good-old mining on google maps satellite view. I’ll call it “Lake Anamika”.

The evening was gorgeous – my only ask as a landscape photographer, was for some moving cotton clouds in sky. Though, the weather was perfect, the completely clear skies took away a bit of drama. The next day, when I visited a different place early in the morning, it was cloudy to the extent of making the sky color very flat. Yes – the struggle of a landscape photographer is very real 🙂

But, here you go –  a few images of the lake at sunset. There were a few interesting looking trees lining the road which ran beside the lake.

Peek-a-boo with the evening sun

Peek-a-boo with the evening sun

Being right beside the road, there were very few places to get down to the lake bank – but, one of the place which was accessible on foot, did offer a nice little patch of land that jutted out into the lake, with rocks, shrubs and wild yellow flowers on it.

Lake Anamika at sunset

Lake Anamika at sunset

On the other end of the lake, I could see an old mantapa amidst the water close to the bank. But there was no place to get down to the water level, unfortunately. Also seen from this point was the eyesore of a mobile tower. I tried to combine these two elements – one ancient and another modern – in one frame.

Ancient meets modern

Ancient meets modern



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