Shapes and smaller details in landscapes

Sometimes, you can encounter landscapes that you might find uninspiring to shoot or so beautiful and grand that you want to cram everything in front of your eyes into one gigantic wide frame. Nothing wrong with either. But, you could also look for shapes and smaller details in focused sections of the landscape that can catch your eye. In either of the above cases, you could walk away with a few extra images than you’d normally have.

Here’s one such landscape, which I did not find so interesting to shoot. The morning skies were bland and no clear foreground subject I could use.

A bland landscape

A bland landscape

But focusing on a couple of interesting trees and their reflections in the water, and also taking the bland colors out, I got this image, which I think is a nice abstract image from the same location.

Focusing on some section of the landscape

Focusing on some section of the landscape

So, always keep an eye out for smaller details, shapes, play of light, etc when you’re at a location. You can walk away with a few more shots than normal.

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