A monochrome Malnad morning

This is sort-of a continuation of the part 1 – A journey through malnad.

On a misty morning, venturing out of our homestay got us to a sleepy town of Talaguppa. A quick cup of steaming hot tea at a highway stall right next to the railway station was the magic potion needed to get me going. The mist was thick and heavy, and made everything seem slow, relaxed and monochrome.

A little distance away from the railway station, is the railway track crossing the highway. An engine coach lies abandoned at an unused track.

Paddy fields on either side of the road stand perfectly still. Peering hard, I am startled to learn what I thought to be a scarecrow, is actually a human trudging slowly across the field. Observing carefully, I find that he’s mending a broken section of a fence in his field. On a quick glance, he seems pretty embedded into the field. The mist is that thick. See if you can spot him here.

Waiting near the railway crossing, I’m now waiting for the daily Mysore – Talaguppa express train to arrive. Its on time – expected at 7:15 AM. I wonder if the train will be visible in this thick mist. A short while later, the train provides a proximity alert with a clear and loud horn. Unlike light, the sound had no problems piercing through the mist. Passing us, the train seems to provide some sense of speed in an otherwise uber-relaxed pace of life in the region.

Deviating from the highway, a small road looks very inviting. The road leading to a nearby village. I wondered how a daily commute for these villagers looked like, what traffic jams would be like, what deafening noises do they have to put up with. See for yourself and let me know if you find answers to those questions.

As time passed, the sun gained enough strength the break the mist down and the scenes started to look colorful again. But, I liked that slow and relaxed passage of time – so, I’ll end the post here. More colorful stuff will follow in a subsequent post.

What would you guys like to do on such a morning – do chime in! Cheers.

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