Hard part of landscape photography

As a hobby photographer who enjoys shooting landscapes, the hard part is not about having the right gear. An expensive camera, lens combo, a top-of-the-line tripod, filters – these are more of a luxury than a necessity when it comes to creating good landscape photographs. Post-processing skills, although an essential part of producing a photograph, again comes secondary. The hard part of landscape photography, actually sounds so simple that one can wonder what’s so hard about it.

Getting out” – this has proven to be the hardest part of landscape photography, at least for me. Its a statistical thing – to be able to make a memorable photograph at a location. A single visit rarely suffices. The weather might not play ball, the location might look totally different and better/worse depending on season one visits, etc. Another aspect, especially true in India, is that places tend to get popular with each photograph uploaded on social media, leading to more and more people crowding at the place. More crowd, more often than not, leads to a degradation in the cleanliness of the place – thereby reducing the photographic allure. Unless photography is a full time thing, as a hobby, there’s only so much time one can take off the day-job, personal commitments, etc to make time for photography.

Here are some images I’ve managed to capture by forcing myself to get out. Some coercion from within, most from my better-half, multiple visits to the same place, etc  – these are the reasons I’ve these in my collection.

Clearing morning mist – rural TN
Ruined structure on a hilltop – near Tumkur
One of the many hillocks near Ramanagara
A quiet sunset at this stunning location – near RamanagarA quiet sunset at this stunning location – near Ramanagara

The point I’m trying to make in this post is simple. I’m no hotshot photographer. I’m just a hobbyist trying to improve myself. The simple lesson I’ve learnt is that getting out more often, increases my chances of getting more and more good photographs. Its an invaluable tip to anyone who’s getting into photography and are currently trying to research on the best camera/lens to buy 🙂



  1. One more thing – the best sunrises and sunsets are during weekdays. 😛

  2. Wow, what amazing photography. Pictures speak more than words. All the pics are ready to use as a wallpaper. I would keep the last pic for my mobile background.

    Keep sharing. Great talent.

  3. Some of these are beautiful pictures. I have always stayed away from doing post processing because i’m a purist. I have never used LR or PS till date.I love photography for what we can create out of our camera rather than creating an art. My thoughts! I know not many people subscribe to such views.

    • Photomithra(Srinivasa S)

      Thanks for the kind words 🙂

      I know of many people who would subscribe to your thoughts on post-processing and I respect any school of thought – its your own and you are right in following what you believe.

  4. well done, great photography. I loved the way you capture the beauty of nature through your photography. Keep it up.


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