Magical Fog

This was one of a last-minute-planned outing we set out for, on an early Saturday morning. Having chosen to leave the kid behind at home, me and my wife could have an early start – 5:00 AM. With the northerly shift of the sun after the festival of Sankranthi, winter is meant to be receding. But winter made its presence well and truly felt, the moment we were well outside of the Bangalore city limits. The temperature on the car’s dashboard display showed 10 deg C!

While driving, Google maps showed a section of slow moving traffic coming up ahead. A short section of “yellow”, followed by some “red” too! We were a bit puzzled – on a tarmac as excellent as NH-7, and no major town or intersection coming up, this was not expected. As we neared the “yellow” section, the issue made itself clear – or should I say foggy? 😀

The fog made vehicles crawl at a quarter of the usual highway speeds. After driving for a few minutes, we made our way out of the fog. Here we saw the sun shining bright, trying to shoo away the reluctant fog. We parked the car on the shoulder of the road. Vehicles behind us seemed to be emerging from behind a wall of fog!

Vehicles emerging from behind a wall of fog.

To think that I had almost left my camera behind for this outing, makes me look really stupid, for I was scampering with camera in hand trying to capture the magical symphony/cacophony that the fog and sunlight were creating. The stage for this was a plain-old grape farm. Have a look at the images below!

Sunlight and fog over a grape farm
Sunlight and fog over and under a grape farm

A few meters further, there was another grape farm, but the creepers were missing. Only the stone pillars and the meshed roof to support the creepers were there. Combined with the retreating fog and the golden sunlight, this scene looked absolutely surreal! We went on to our eventual destination after this and enjoyed our actual planned visit. But this, to me, was the highlight of the whole outing!


The best laid plans might often go awry. But, making the best out of an unplanned event like this is what matters! Have you had any such experience? Do give me a shout out in the comments below!



  1. Stunning set of pictures, especially the last one!

  2. What a beautiful post with such stunning pictures.

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