Two frames from Hampi

The UNESCO world heritage site of Hampi needs no introduction to anyone. I present 2 images from Hampi in this blog post with some commentary.

Queen’s bath – Lost in time, is how I can describe this. To imagine that this “building” was a private bathing complex for erstwhile royalty should say something about the grandeur of the golden era of Vijayanagara dynasty. I love the arched corridors here. On an earlier visit, a sunny evening got this lovely play of light and shadows. This time, it was a cloudy evening. I chatted with the caretaker till the closing time and he was kind enough to let me stay till everyone left and showed me a neat little corner to shoot this image from.

Queen's bath at Hampi

Stone chariot – Perhaps the most iconic, most photographed among the monuments at Hampi, is the stone chariot in the Vitthala temple complex. People get themselves photographed doing all sort of antics around this monument. Pushing the chariot, sitting on its wheels, posing like the chariot rider, etc. Its near impossible to find this monument devoid of people around. But, with a good amount of patience and choosing a slightly different angle to shoot from can result in an image with no people in it. Something that shows the monument in all its grandeur, and nothing else to distract the viewers.

Stone chariot at Hampi

Thanks for dropping by. What’s your favorite monument at Hampi? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Ravi Shankar

    Sunrise and Sunsets at different locations/points of Hampi are always fascinating 🙂

  2. Photomithra(Srinivasa S)

    Yep – you bet! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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