Printing photos (Archival Printing)

How I got into the archival printing

In the past, I had tried my hand at getting photos printed for various reasons. I’ve tried getting photos printed from vendors like Printo and GK Vale, in various sizes – A4, 12″x18″, etc.  I was happy with the results I got out of them, until recent times, when I was introduced to the world of Archival photo prints. I had heard about the term and read about it on the website of a fellow photographer Pratap (you can read about it here). I decided to give it a try and got a bunch of my photos printed on archival grade paper. The outcome was stunning. The difference between these prints and the ones I had got done through other vendors were visibly stark. Those earlier prints seemed totally unattractive and un-engaging in front of these archival prints. From then on, I’ve got a selection of my photos printed on archival paper at regular durations. Mind you, its not cheap, but I can say that its worth every rupee you spend! If you are a serious photographer, even though you may be a hobbyist, it makes sense to print a selection your photos every now and then.

Have a look at my print collection:

If you wish to try out getting archival prints of some of your images, do get in touch with Pratap.


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    Very nice! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the mention 🙂

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