Shivanasamudra – Gaganachukki and Bharachukki falls

Drove out early in the morning to Shivanasamudra falls. The falls were brimming and roaring with copious amount of water thanks to good rains this year. However, it was rather disappointing that there were stringent access restrictions everywhere and there was no chance to go out exploring nice little places to photograph the falls from a different point-of-view. Its probably a batch of drunken frolickers upsetting the peace and dirtying the place, or reckless folks endangering themselves and forcing the forest officials to clamp down the place! Its sad that the ill-acts of a few robs the rest of the visitors to this beautiful place.

All I managed to get were 2 mug-shots of the falls that you see thousands of pictures of all over the internet!

Gaganachukki falls

Gaganachukki falls


Bharachukki falls

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