Radha Kunj

A small lake situated behind the Art of living property off Kanakapura road, is just ~25 KM from Bangalore. Radha kunj is the name of a private garden, owned by Art of living. Beside the garden is a little lake, which is quite beautiful and serene. A narrow bund across the lake is west-facing and offers a clean view of sunsets. We went there on a particularly cloudy day – with the sun playing hide ‘n seek.

Being so close to Bangalore, I expected the lake to be crowded and dirty. But I was pleasantly surprised to find hardly any people there and it was relatively clean. One or two people who were there, were enjoying a peaceful, quiet time by the lake. Here are a few images:

Radha Kunj - A cloudy evening

Radha Kunj – A cloudy evening


Radha Kunj - Peaceful

Radha Kunj – Peaceful


  1. Have seen this.. they wash vehicles in this lake..

    • Photomithra(Srinivasa S)

      Yes Shrinidhi – they wash vehicles at the shallow edge of the lake. I meant to say – lake is relatively clean in terms of not much littering, plastics, bottles, etc.

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