Bhootanatha Temple at Badami

The Bhootanatha temple at Badami is a popular spot for photo seekers during sunset hour. The Agastya pond in front of the temple, with the setting sun’s golden light falling on the temple makes for a glorious sight.

We reached the spot by 5:30 pm. There was still about half hour to 45 minutes to go for the sunset. We tried setting up tripods to take some long exposure shots, but we were not allowed to use tripods on the premises of ASI protected monument. We hung around, trying various compositions. It got a bit cloudy and also drizzled for a bit. The sunset time came and went meanwhile, with clouds playing spoilsport. A group of photography enthusiasts who were lying in wait went back disappointed. We still hung around for some more time. We were paid off for having waited longer – the clouds cleared up a bit and the surroundings got a bit brighter. A faint rainbow started to appear in the backdrop of the Bhootanatha temple. The partially cleared up blue skies on one side, some high altitude clouds shining orange on the other side, the rainbow for company, made this a good takeaway image from this visit.

Rainbow over Bhootanatha temple at Badami

Rainbow over Bhootanatha temple at Badami

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