Sunset by a lake

A search for a nice place to shoot sunset yesterday led us to this place. We started heading out in a general direction – There were a lot of small hills in the area and the evening was clear without much haze. We went off the main highway to get to some interesting looking hills with the slanting sun rays falling on them. As we went further, the road seemed to take us away from the hills we were interested in. Google maps showed a decent sized water body little way ahead, so we thought of checking it out. It was a lovely evening. We witnessed superb colors in the sky, and also some rains lashing down from dark clouds at a distance!

Here’s a photo that shows the lashing rain at a distance, in the upper left part:

Rain and sunset by the lake

Rain and sunset by the lake

As the light began fading, thought the ground visibility diminished, the colors in the sky were still brilliant. I ran a long exposure to get this image, before we packed up and left the place, fully contented 🙂

Dreamy skies and colors

Dreamy skies and colors


  1. Shanmukh D S

    This was the pic i was talking about the other day! The colors in the sky make it look too good :). Nice snap 🙂

  2. Beautiful capture! The place looks very serene and calm, perfect for unwinding. For a person like me who is a nature lover, spending relaxing time at this place will be a pure blessing. Thanks for sharing the amazing post.

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