Morning ride to Nelligudde lake

The last time I rode my bike for anything other than office commute was over a year ago. When my friend, Pratap, made a plan to “ride” (instead of drive) to Bidadi to shoot sunrise, I had a few doubts in my mind. How to carry the camera gear? Where will I fit the tripod? What if it rains? Etc, etc. My wife convinced me that these can be done easily. Some preparations done and there I was, at 5AM on a Sunday, ready to start a very short 40KM ride to Nelligudde lake, near Bidadi.

The weather was not very promising – the skies looked cloudy and it was drizzling very slightly. Almost the entire journey was covered with similar weather and drizzle. But, we’d decided to keep going, irrespective of how the weather would turn out. If not anything, we’d chomp down some yummy thatte idlys at Bidadi and enjoy the morning ride. This was also the first trip where I intended to test out my new GoPro Hero6.

I had already visited this lake about 2 years ago on a weekend evening. For morning time, we had to get across to the other side of the lake. After wading through some vegetation, we reached the spot which Pratap had already scouted in a recent visit he had made. The skies were becoming brighter, but there was no sign of colors we had hoped for. The cloudy skies were to blame, perhaps. In a matter of minutes, the skies started to come to like – almost as if someone turned up the saturation knob. Not believing my luck, I started shooting furiously, and in the process, completely forgot to set the GoPro for a time-lapse.

A fiery sky at Nelligudde lake

A fiery sky at Nelligudde lake

Morning at Nelligudde lake

Morning at Nelligudde lake

And, mind you, that slight drizzle was still going on. And what that got us, was a beautiful rainbow to the west!

Drizzle at sunrise results in rainbow

Drizzle at sunrise results in rainbow

We rode for some more time, hoping to find some interesting spots. We went on, almost till Manchanbele dam. I was starting to get hungry and we circled back to Bidadi and treated ourselves to those wonderful thatte idlys.

Here’s a short video that GoPro’s Quik software help me make with the footage I shot using my new GoPro Hero6.



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