Nelligudde Lake, Bidadi

Nelligudde lake is situated a few kms off Mysore road, at the town of Bidadi. The bustling modern paraphernalia that is ever present almost throughout Mysore road, is mostly on the surface only. Get off the highway and drive a few kms and you can find such beautiful places.

It was a pleasant surprise to have had clear skies at the lake, during the rainy season. There were a few scattered cotton-like clouds, moving swiftly overhead. I did not have too much time to spend at the location due to other commitments. This was the only decent shot I managed to make. The countryside road runs parallel to the lake bund, and the bund itself is a popular evening walk track. The sun neatly goes down behind the hills at the backdrop of the lake, making the overall scene gorgeous.

Nelligudde Lake, Bidadi

Nelligudde Lake, Bidadi



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